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Is there a minimum order value ?

Yes, ₹1,500/- is being maintained as a minimum order value for TN, Pondy & Bengaluru. ₹6,000/- is being maintained as a minimum order value for Other States.

Why to buy crackers from Sivakasi ?

When you buy the crackers from roadside shops near your locality, you will spend 3X to 4X more than the Sivakasi price.

What is meant by pickup location ?

We, at Getmykrackers process the goods through lorry or cargo transport service provider. So, you would require to go and collect your order from the lorry transport office.

Do I get pickup location details?

Yes, once your order is being processed, we will contact you through SMS/Whatsapp/Email or phone call to share the details of Lorry Transport Office Address, and point of contact there.

Should I pay anything at pickup location or lorry transport ?

Yes, you should pay the transportation charges directly to the transport provider and collect the parcel by showing our SMS and address proof to the lorry service provider.

Can I cancel my orders ?

Yes, we respect your decision and but you have to intimate us about the cancellations before we process the orders. After processing we cannot cancel your order.

Can I return my parcel ?

No you cannot return your parcel one you received. 

Is it a guaranteed delivery of the crackers before diwali ?

Yes we will make sure to deliver your parcel in time. But kindly book your orders as soon as possible. Sometimes it might get late to get your parcel on time due to last minute rush. 

How can I buy crackers online?

Buying crackers online from Getmykrackers is easy! Just visit our website, select the products you want, and proceed to submit button. We offer a secure and hassle-free online shopping experience. Kindly also check with How It Works?

Which website sell crackers online ?

There are several websites that sell crackers online, but Getmykrackers is a trusted and reliable source for high-quality firecrackers.

Best place to buy diwali crackers Gift Box ?

Getmykrackers is the best place to buy Diwali crackers gift box online. Our gift boxes contain a variety of high-quality and safe crackers that are sure to bring joy and excitement to your celebrations.

Any last date to order online ?

Yes, We are closing our bookings by 25th October 2024. Kindly book your enquires before that.

When can I get my Refund ?

Sometime unfortunately there may be chances for missing of products or Non delivery. In such cases refund will be made with in 7-10 Working days.

Is COD available ?

COD (Cash On Delivery) is not available. Your order will be processed once we receive your payment.

Can I get Parcel via Courier Companies ?

No, Freight companies like DHL, FedEx, Professional courier etc. do not handle flammable materials such as fireworks – therefore we must utilize a freight company that will deliver your fireworks on a large truck